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One intertidal wreck is this one to be seen any tide as it is on the top of LLangenith beach. 

To know what wreck this is go on Google and type in ' Wrecks on Welsh Beaches by Tom Bennett,  and see what arises. 

Printing in colour has become so expensive that these two e-books cannot be produced economically. Thus to see them you will have to purchase them here and see them in PDF format on your computer.  

However one book that covers intertidal wrecks on Gower is the following. 

It is a paperback via Amazon or an E-book available here.


It also lists for the first time some of the wrecks around the Rhossili coast pre 1802. 

The above photograph shows the HELVETIA remains on Rhossili Beach. Gower.  It is the most photographed of all the intertidal shipwrecks to be found around the British coastline.  What the author finds of more interest is that beneath the same sand a few miles NW is the lost treasure of Squire Mansel of Henllys.  In the process of salvaging a treasure ship in 1647, he lost most of it trying to get it ashore!   Read the full story in this well researched book   Researched by TOM BENNETT. 

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