Under the sands of Rhossili lie a thousands of silver pieces of eight.  In 1807, 1833 and 1834 a small fortune was picked up when sand levels were low . Since then only a few have been seen despite many detectorists looking for them.    The Dollar Ship was one of the most intriguing mysteries of the Gower until Tom Bennett spent months going through all the facts and fiction.  He has now solved the puzzle of how cannon, muskets and coins came to be on the sand.   

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Dollar Wreck by Tom Bennett written in 2016.

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The same story is in paperback with a different author .  see THE SILVER DOLLARS OF RHOSSILI, GOWER. 

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The explanation of this Ghost story is told in the book

Shipwrecks for walkersand Other Books by Tom Bennett 

Buy this 64 page e-book today to find a list of Gower wrecks prior to 1807, to know why the ghost Spectre Chariot driven by Squire Mansel is seen driving madly across the beach at midnight and discover the name and date of the Dollar Ship lost in 1647.

Dollar Wreck ....another e-book by Tom Bennett